Lynne Stacey has been my rock throughout the process of setting up a new business.  I have no marketing skills whatsoever and Lynne stepped in and took away all the stress involved.  Her suggestions were always spot on without overstepping any boundaries.  Her fees are more than reasonable and her support unfailing.  I don’t think she will be getting rid of me any time soon.
WK – Harley Street Nutritionist

The number of new patients that I am seeing has increased.
Getting you on board has been the best thing I have ever done for my private practice.
BS – Bariatric Surgeon

I just thought I’d drop you a line and let you know how the Adwords campaign was panning out.
In terms of getting users through the website the ad has been successful, more hits with most of those going through the relevant page.
The downloads are also up, averaging a good 6 to 8 per day (old stat = 3 – 5).
GF – Software Developer

Following your direct mail campaign I have just had a very positive conversation with a Secondary School Exchanges Coordinator.  They already have a link with an Indian school but it is not very successful, so want to try an alternative one.  I am going to have lunch at the school to follow it up.
Thanks for your part in this!
MW – Educationalist

Just to update you, I had the meeting at the appointment you set up for me this morning.
It went very well and we managed to set up an account with them.
Thank you very much for your effort and let’s hope there will be many more to follow, now that we’ve got this one in the bag!
MI – MD of a Chauffeuring company

Lynne, you have been the most amazing champion of EB and kept the whole thing going!
Your successor will have a hard act to follow.
CG – Breakfast Club Committee member

I am VERY impressed.  The newsletter looks amazing with all the food pictures.
A job very well done!!
WK – Nutritionist

WOW that is fantastic information, and so clear! It is just the sort of detail that I needed. Thank you so much.
TC – Fire Service

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