Freelance Octopus provides a full range of cost effective small business marketing services.

Many business owners start their companies and initially manage their own marketing activities. Frequently they find the investment in time for successfully marketing a small business is so great that either they are unable to effectively manage the marketing activities required to develop their organisation or other important areas are neglected.

Other company owners successfully grow their businesses to a certain stage but then need marketing help and advice to move their venture to the next level. Often employing an additional individual is not an option and freelance marketing support becomes a sensible alternative.

Freelance Octopus specialises in providing freelance marketing for small businesses that takes the strain away from business owners.

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The Cost of Using Freelance Marketing Services

Many companies are concerned about the cost of using a small business marketing support specialist. With Freelance Octopus you can be assured that you will only pay for the time it takes to complete a marketing support assignment.
Without the high overheads of large marketing services agencies you can be secure in the knowledge that you will be getting a competitive rate for all your small business marketing projects.

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Our Small Business Marketing Services

Freelance Octopus provides a full range of marketing services ideal for marketing a small business which includes:

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