Freelance Octopus can provide a full range of email marketing services to complement the small business marketing portfolio.

Email marketing services include:

  • Advice and mechanisms for collecting ‘opted in’ email addresses to avoid complaints of spam.
  • Design of branded email newsletters to fit with your company branding and optimised to avoid being relegated to the anti-spam boxes of your intended recipients.
  • Management of customer and prospect email databases to ensure relevant and timely communications are sent to your contacts.
  • Sending the email campaign using appropriate software for mass mailing that personalises the email for each recipient.
  • Analyzing the results to ensure changes can be made to the next email campaign to improve the response rates.

Freelance Octopus works in conjunction with a leading email service provider that gives  a wide selection of email templates and excellent data analysis functionality for delivered email campaigns including open rates, link click rates and non-delivered addresses management.

To find out more on how Freelance Octopus could assist you in your email campaigns contact us on or call 01296-711117.

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