Freelance Octopus is experienced with all aspects of direct marketing whether it is a direct mail campaign to prospects or a communication with your existing customer base.

Direct marketing still has a valuable place in the small business marketing mix. Whether this is as a route to communicate with new prospects or as a means of keeping in contact with your current or historic customers.

You may wish to send out direct mail information about your company, to introduce a new product or publicise a promotion or send out mail shots of a newsletter or invitations to a seminar.

The success of a direct marketing campaign is dependent on many factors including:

  • Building a database by sourcing or constructing good prospect lists
  • Qualifying the contact names to ensure the correct people are targeted
  • Producing an eye-catching mailer that sends out the correct message
  • Ensuring a suitable method for capturing the leads that are generated as a result of the mailer

As you can imagine these are all time consuming but essential tasks if you want a successful direct marketing campaign.

Freelance Octopus can even help with the design and printing of simple 4-colour leaflets in-house so keeping costs down.

To find out how Freelance Octopus can help with your direct marketing campaigns contact us at or call 01296-711117.

Following your direct mail campaign I have just had a very positive conversation with a Secondary School Exchanges Coordinator.  They already have a link with an Indian school but it is not very successful, so want to try an alternative one.  I am going to have lunch at the school to follow it up.
Thanks for your part in this!
MW – Educationalist