Freelance Octopus can assist small businesses in the set up and management of their customer and prospect databases ensuring correct and accurate records are kept.

A comprehensive and up to date marketing database is an essential component of any direct marketing campaign. However, compiling and managing a marketing database can be a time consuming task.

Freelance Octopus can help with your database management by sourcing prospect lists, de-duplicating against an existing prospect or customer database and by qualifying contact names for a particular job title – all tasks which will greatly improve the success of any direct marketing campaign. We will also ensure your marketing database is screened against CTPS and TPS registered companies thus eliminating the chance of unexpected fines!

An accurate and up to date prospect or customer database can be used for a wide range of small business marketing activities.

To find out how Freelance Octopus can provide an extra pair of hands with your marketing database contact us at or call 01296 -711117.