Sometimes it is necessary to think laterally when sourcing new qualified prospect data for a prospect database.

A telecommunications company had exhausted all available lists where the number of company mobile phones held was identified.
To overcome the problem the telcommunications company asked their telemarketing agency if it was possible to share information with a company car hire business the telemarketing agency also worked with.

In this way lists were identified where number of company cars held by a company was already qualiified. These lists were added to the prospect database and were found to have an accurate correlation to the number of mobile phones and proved invaluable data in a telemarketing campaign by ensuring only customers that fitted the criteria required by the client were contacted.

The company car business was also happy to accept databases in return where the number of mobiles had been identified as there was also found to be definite synergy between number of mobiles and number of company cars owned by a company.

As a result of this synergy, other possible link ups between the telecommunications company and company car firm such as joint conferences were discussed.

The telecommunications company also went on to source lists where the number of laptops held by a company was identified and here too a correlation was found between the number of mobiles and number of laptops thus giving a high return rate on relevant companies to contact.


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