Website Analysis

Freelance Octopus can help small businesses make sense of the traffic visiting their websites using tools such as Google analytics.

Website analysis tools provide an invaluable resource for seeing exactly what is working and what is not within your website design. Information on which keywords visitors are searching and how long they spend on each page provide essential information for planning marketing activity.

Having the time to analysis the information from tools such as Google analytics is often a luxury many small business owners cannot afford. Freelance Octopus is able to make sense of the numbers on your behalf and present you with relevant and useful information from which your future marketing activity can be planned.

Sales Analysis

Freelance Octopus can provide small business marketing support by analyzing raw sales data to determine where your sales and profit are really coming from by customer and/or product or service and if necessary devise a plan to target and gain new customers.

Number crunching is not just for the accountants – data analysis can also be a valuable tool within your small business marketing activities.

Seeing where your key sales are being generated is not only invaluable information but good marketing practice allowing you to really know your business and understand where your company is strong or fragile.

Sometimes strong sales can be a deceptive indication of a company’s stability as our case study shows but data analysis can be a time consuming and apparently unnecessary evil when everything appears to be going well and can get overlooked until it is too late.

Promotions Data Analysis

How often do you run product/sales promotions and hardly have time to draw breath, let alone analyse the results before you’re off doing other pressing business?

Freelance Octopus can help analyse growth in sales, new customers generated, performance by sales area, sales person rewards etc…. and if necessary help to devise a plan to maximise the success of the next promotion.

To find out how Freelance Octopus can help with your data analysis requirements contact us at or call 01296-711117.