Freelance Octopus provides a wide range of administration support functions to take up the strain when you are simply too busy.

Many small businesses simply need ‘an extra pair of hands’ to help them out from time to time but do not have sufficient work to employ a salaried individual.
Possible areas you may like some administration support include:

  • Designing and managing your receipts and payments spreadsheets.
  • Invoicing clients.
  • Replying to clients requests for information and sending out appropriate literature.
  • Following up on phone calls when you are out of the office.
  • Dealing with correspondence.
  • Researching information.
  • Spreadsheets

Freelance Octopus can offer admin support as an add-on to marketing projects or as a standalone function depending on a client’s requirements.

All administration support projects are charged by the time they take to complete.

To find out how Freelance Octopus can provide you with some administration support contact us at or call 01296-711117.

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